Name Thomas Sarmis


I am a sofware developer, working profecionally since 2007 and semi profecionally since 2001. I am competent in C# and MS SQL Server and I have worked and experimented with multiple other technologies, including Javascript and Vue, node.js, Delphi, python, no-sql dbs, and static site generators and probably a few more. I know my way around infrastucture like RabbitMQ, Redis, Grafana/Prometheus, Graylog. I am a firm believer of true agile developement (deploy early, deploy often, gather feedback, iterate) and I like clean code (to the point it makes sense). Currently I enjoy building microservices for Kaizen Gaming in a really exciting enviroment.

Skills Shortlist

  • System Design (Microservices, communication strategies, caching layers, cqrs, event sourcing)
  • Application Development (C# / DotNet, Telemetry, Metrics, Logs, RabbitMQ, Redis)
  • DB Development (SQL DBs, DB Design, No-SQL DBs)
  • Mentoring, Technical Leadership.

Work Experience

Kaizen Gaming

(Jul 2019 - Present)

In Kaizen Gaming I started as a Senior Software engineer in July 2019 and grow to a Principal Engineer since September 2022. I joined the team that build the new sportsbook management platform and I worked on multiple parts of the system, including the event (match) management system and the integrations with 3rd party services that provide event and pricing data. As I grow to Principal Engineer my role evolved to offer architectural designs, support our scrum teams, handle the deployments and monitor our production enviroment.

Icon Gaming

(Nov 2010 - Dec 2018)

I joined Icon Gaming as a software developer and evolved to head of the (small) development department. Icon Gaming was a startup company focus on Gambling Productions and especially land-based and online slot machines. As I progressed to lead engineer I had to wear many huts both to handle both technical and managerial needs. My technical work was focused on building the backend of our gaming server including the DB design the slot machine engines, the player wallet and management system and the interface towards the rest of the system.


(Sep 2006 - Aug 2010)

I joined FORTH as an R&D engineer for the Computational Vision and Robotics Laboratory where I developend distributed image processing systems focusing on 3d reconstructions of objects in relatively large spaces (ie 4x4 meters)

Army Service

(May 2006 – May 2007)

University of Crete

( Sep 2003 – Mar 2006)

During my Msc on Computer Science (Computational Vision and Robotics) I cooperated with the corresponding team at FORTH

Technical Educational Institute of Herakleion

(Sep 1999 - Sep 2003)

During my studies on T.E.I. of HerakleionI join the internal software developing team I developed various apps mainly using Delphi

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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