These are the tools & utilities that I use nowdays (2019) is a site that allows visitors to create custom one-click-install bundles of applications without any spyware. Before manually downloading any software I visit it and get a custom bundle.

Development Tools & Frameworks

  • Visual Studio Code : Free text editor / almost-IDE that supports multiple programming languages, debuging, integrated git and custom extensions. In my opinion it lays almost on the perfect spot between simple text editor and full-blown IDEs.

  • .net core & core : Free, modern, cross platform framework that follows most good practices and offers an intuitive way to build web apps, CLI utilities and windows desktop applications (with version 3.0) - It’s my first option for every new, large project.

  • node.js : Another free, modern, cross platform framework. I use it mainly for smaller projects, deployment utilities and building & bundling web apps.

  • npm : The default package manager of node.js. I use npm both for it’s intended purpose and for having a common way to invoke scrips in my applications (using npm run script name)

  • SQL Server Express : The free version of Microsoft’s SQL Server, usually it’s installed in my most development PCs - I tend to prefer it over the LocalDB which is another solid option for developing on SQL Server platform.

  • SQL Server Management Studio and/or Azure Data Studio

  • Vue : The Vue ecosystem (vue, vuex, vue-router) allow for developing modern single page applications.

  • Parcel : For building and bundling web sites and web apps…


  • git : Source code versioning - looks like it’s the default

  • github desktop : Github desktop client

  • 7z : My default compress/uncompress utility

  • Paint.Net : A decent image editor


  • github : Now that supports private repos, it’s my go-to option for hosting git repos.
  • trello : Card based project management