Single Page Applications (SPA) are web applications that are contained in a single web page, providing a seamless navigation experience due to not having to download and parse the html for each page. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are web applications that, using a service worker “proxy” and a manifest file, provide the necessary infrastructure to allow cashing of the application by the browser in order to be usable in poor, or no-network conditions. All modern browsers and OSes allow PWAs to be “installed” locally and, thus, provide for a native-like user experience.

These are the tools & utilities that I use nowdays (2019)

Last couple of years, having two children, I am facing the problem of both having more photos and videos to manage (and acquired by different devices) and less time infront of my desktop pc (But I’m lucky to be able to work on personal tasks in my work office, at least off hours).

Hugo is a static site generator that converts markdown files (.md) to html pages. Let’s discover how we can build a blog using it, and discuss some configuration options that will make the experience better.

A static site generator (SSG) is an application that converts simple text files (with minimal markup) to static sites using predifend templates (Themes). They provide a middle ground between fully fledged Content Managment Systems (like wordpress or drupal) and statically build sites.